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My love for animals and health goes back a long time!

My grandpa and grandma had a shorthaired dachshund. A beautiful specimen of the breed, black and tan, who lived happily and without any trouble until he was 15 years old. I also had lots of pets; guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, to name just a few. My parents finally gave me the dog I had wanted for so long when I was 12 years old. 

That was Sam, my wirehaired dachshund. Grandpa had taught me everything on how to care for a dog. However, I was a curious girl and went on investigating myself, taught myself more and more about dogs (and other animals), their behavior and health, and I noticed how much I liked it! Sam and I were the best team. Many things I learned I tested on Sam. He taught me so much. After a few years I was able to teach him how to walk offleash (being a hunting dog, it wasn’t a natural thing for him!).  After Sam died, I got a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. A long dream came true. James taught me even more than Sam. Not the easiest dog to live with and that made him the perfect teacher on other fields. Because of James, I explored every part of the dog world. A great base and a good explanation of how my love for animals grew.

Curriculum Vitae

After high school (gymnasium) I had to make a choice about studying. Although I really wanted to learn more about animals, I never wanted to become a veterinarian. I didn’t know exactly why not (I just felt it), but I was sure I didn’t want to perform operations on animals. I did want to help animals though, but how, I did not know yet. So I searched and searched and searched and finally found the solution in the natural and holistic world. Looking closely at the animal, his origins, his life, and what that tells us about his health, that  felt right to me. But what about the owner, I wondered. Therefore I decided to study psychology first, to have a solid base. So I got my Bachelor of Science degree. Then I decided to study American Studies to upgrade my English and received my Master of Arts degree. Afterwards, I got the chance to follow a new master’s programme, completely focused on the relationship between humans and animals (antrozoology), and got my Master of Science degree. Even though I had now mastered the human part and the human-animal bond, there was still a piece missing. Despite my extensive self-study on animals, I wanted to learn even more. Something just tickled. One day I opened my laptop and out of nowhere I found a programme on complementary animal care. This was what I wanted to do! After another 4 years of studies, I received my diploma. It made my dream complete; now I am able to help people ánd animals with their health; not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

I started my own practice for pets and their humans…

Slowly, the idea to open my own health practice became more solid. In 2016, I opened it and I was só proud! It’s still the best decision I’ve ever made. Many of my clients have pets with behavioral or medical issues and I help them with their problems, but also guide them in their own journey. The biggest satisfaction is when you hear how much their pets have improved. When I see that pets ánd their owners are starting to feel better because of my advice, I feel so happy and proud. But nowadays, more and more people are spending time online. What’s better than finding a way to help them online with their pets too? So that’s what I do! I’m not only helping pets and their owners physically in my practice, but also via online consultations. This way, my dream is accessible for everyone and I can help even more pets to feel better, all naturally!

Eat well, play hard, get outside & have fun!

With this website I give you insight into the world of natural animal healthcare. I want to help as many pets as possible to get healthy and to stay as healthy as possible. How nice would it be if there became more awareness for natural health? That is my goal: to help pets in a natural, stress-free way to become healthy, to be healthy and to stay healthy. A natural lifestyle with healthy food, enough relaxation, daily exercise, fresh air and lots of fun forms the base of my mission: these are the 5 points that apply to every pet’s health. In this website I show you how you can easily add these five components to your lifestyle and how you can help your animal to stay as healthy as possible.

My mission: eat well, play hard, get outside & have fun!

My blog with free pet advice is a good start for reaching this goal, but I can imagine you want more and personal guidance. I will work together with you to reach our goal of a healthy pet and offer you online help via email, Skype or Facetime. Choose what suits you best and help to bring your pet back into balance. Then my mission will succeed!

And you? How about your life?

Yes, I can imagine you wonder about this. I try to enjoy a natural lifestyle as much as possible together with my pets. Enjoying, because that’s what most important. When natural healthcare is new for you, it can be a bit “strange”, I get that. I was there myself. However, it doesn’t have to be strange! Make choices that feel right for you at the moment and ask for help if you want or need it. Every step you take in this natural world helps the health of your pet; being aware that there are other choices than the conventional ones (for instance by checking out this website!) is a good start. That’s how I started too. Nowadays, eating healthy, getting daily exercise, fresh air, enough relaxation and fun is a second nature for me and my pets. Do you want that too? That’s possible. Read more about the milestones of my mission below!

Food, the base of the immune system

I love to eat organic. Vegetables and fruits having the time to grow. They contain an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals. Even though this doesn’t sound easy, it will get easier once you know where to get them for a good price. I also like to know where the product came from. Therefore, I like to buy local; not only because it has a positive impact on the environment, but also because you support local entrepeneurs this way. It’s also very important for me that animals had a great life, living like animals should live and that they were treated with respect. Whenever I eat meat, even though that doesn’t happen that often, I make sure I buy organic meat at a local farmer. My philosophy for animals is the same: as natural as possible, species-appropriate and always with respect for the content, be it plant-based or animal-based. I believe food is the base of a healthy lifestyle, not only for your pets, but also for you.

In the forest, at the beach: fresh air!

Next to food it’s important to pay attention to other health factors. Daily exercise, fresh air, digestion and lifestyle, for instance. Think about what sleep, stress, work and relationships with others can do to you and your pet. Everything has a connection with one another; what’s important is the total package. Every animal and every human being is different, but eventually we want the same: finding the right balance for every individual. I love to walk through the forest every day with James, my dog. It helps to clear my mind and the trees have a calming effect. Alternating the forest with weekends at sea ensures the perfect balance for me. Emptying my head after a busy day, exercising and playing together ánd getting some fresh air is really very important to stay healthy.

Relaxation ensures balance and it’s fun too

With a natural lifestyle, you and your pet can stay happy and healthy. It sounds very simple, but nowadays it can be hard to add enough relaxation into your daily routine. If you don’t know how to start, then this website can help you. It’s based on a scientific and holistical background. Relaxation is a quick, easy way to help your pet feel better again. Without stress, without difficulty. I always have had pets myself and know how you feel when your beloved pet is ill or displays behavior you’d rather not see. Therefore, we’ll look at your request for help together, find out what’s important for you and what’s needed for your pet. Because that is só important: choices have to fit you as a person ánd your pet. I hope my platform inspires and motivates you in order to enjoy a natural lifestyle together with your pet. To live healthy, to feel balanced and to enjoy, because that’s what life’s all about.

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