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Working together to help your pet feel better, all naturally

What do you do when you see that your pet is not completely him- or herself? Maybe you ask advice from friends or family. Maybe you look for a solution online. Perhaps you do not find what you are looking for. Perhaps you doubt whether trying to fix the issue yourself is the right way. Perhaps the issue turns out to be too complicated. Perhaps you rather want professional guidance. Perhaps you’re looking for natural help. But where do you start? So many choices, and that’s why I’m here. Do not make things too difficult for yourself and your pet. Choose online help from a professional, choose what package suits you best, including a price that suits you best. Get online advice via email, Skype chat or Facetime. No matter what, we will work together on improving the health or behavior of your pet, the way you want. See the options below.

Online consultations

An online consultation is the easiest solution. Ask your question via email, Skype chat or Facetime, without even leaving your house. You can contact me with your question and I’ll make sure you get the best support in the case of medical or behavioral issues. You can also get guidance for specific questions or you can just talk with me about your pet or a certain situation. Save yourself the trouble of doing research, but instead work together with a professional. No waiting time here because it’s online, and that means getting help quickly. Together we will discuss your request for help and find a solution that fits the both of you. See below how it works.

How does it work?

  1. Write down your request for help. Can I help you with a medical issue, a behavioral problem or do you have another question?
  2. Read the information on options below. What option fits your question the best?
  3. Send me an email with your question and the option you choose. Not sure what option fits you best? Please tell me and we’ll find the best solution for your pet together. Do you have an urgent question? Please visit your vet in case of emergencies, otherwise contact me via Whatsapp.
  4. After contacting me per email, you’ll receive a questionnaire. Please fill it in and return it.
    You’ll also receive a link for payment in advance via Paypal.
  5. If you opted for an email consultation, you’ll receive advice within 24 hours. Sometimes I need more information; I’ll let you know if that’s the case.
    If you opted for a Skype or Facetime consultation, we’ll chat or talk about your pet together. Afterwards, you’ll receive advice for your pet per email.
  6. After 4 weeks, a standard follow-up consultation via email will take place. Most of the time, two to three consultations will be enough to get your pet back to health. When the issue is more demanding, another consultation may be needed.
  7. We’ll do everything we can to make your pet feel better again. The result is a happy and healthy pet!

Investment for a healthy pet

How can I help you? Here you can find the choices for consultations with examples of requests for help.
Choose the one that fits your animal best. Don’t know what to choose? Please tell me.

Email (& follow-up)

30,-($35,-) 1 email consultation

Skype live chat

50,-($60,-) 30 minutes

Facetime or Skype

70,-($80,-) 30 minutes
Make an online appointment

Hire me on location

You can also hire me on location for natural treatments, for holistic business advice or to give a masterclass.
Do you have more pets, a kennel or a stable, and want to hire me for a couple of days to check out all of your animals and help you and your animals feel better again naturally? That’s possible!
Do you have an animal business and want me to help you find your holistic viewpoint? That is possible too.
You can also hire me to give masterclasses and seminars internationally. Please contact me for more information and pricing.